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Bethany Global University is an accredited university that specializes in doing missions while you earn your degree.  Since 1948, Bethany Global University has trained 3,000+ Christian missionaries to take the church to where it is not. Our hands-on approach to education will help you become an effective missionary wherever God leads you.

There are many great Christian Universities in the United States, but Bethany Global University (BGU) is the only accredited college dedicated solely to training missionaries. This sets us apart in 5 major ways:

  1. Global Internship – You spend 13 months overseas your Junior & Senior year. You learn:
    • Learn a foreign language
    • Learn to contextualize the gospel
    • Learn the skills necessary to do intercultural ministry.
  2. Tuition Paid – You pay $0 out-of-pocket for tuition. You only pay for room, board, & fees. One of the ways we are able to do this is through the Practical Training program. All students work 15 hours per week on campus, earning a Practical Training Scholarship.
  3. Practical Training Program – You will walk away from BGU with work experience as you:
    • Learn skills that set you up for success overseas
    • Grow in professionalism
    • Develop a strong work ethic
    • Are mentored by godly Christian staff
  4. Mission-Minded Community – It can be hard to find other people who have the same calling as you. Here at BGU you will be surrounded by hundreds of other believers who aspire to have a career in missions.
  5. You graduate with a double major – You will graduate with a bible & theology major AND one of the following majors of your choice:
    • Intercultural Ministry Studies
    • Education in Missions
    • Transformational Entrepreneurship in Missions

At all universities, the cost of education is determined by:

  1. Tuition
  2. Room & Board
  3. Fees

The #1 reason missionaries come home from the field is a lack of finances. We are dedicated to helping students graduate with no debt so they can make a bigger difference on the mission field.

To do that, we have created the Tuition-Paid model. Your TUITION IS PAID through the following grants and scholarships:

  1. Federal Pell Grants

All qualified students who choose to receive the tuition-paid benefit are required to apply annually for Federal Student Aid by completing the FAFSA online. Federal Pell Grants are applied to tuition costs.

  1. Practical Training Tuition Scholarship

All students take part in a Practical Training assignment in a department on campus. Students who successfully meet the requirements of Practical Training receive a $6,675 scholarship. This scholarship covers more than half of the student’s annual tuition costs.

  1. BGU Student Aid

After the Practical Training Tuition Scholarship and Pell Grant are applied to tuition costs, the remaining cost of tuition is fully covered by the BGU, so all you pay for is room, board, and fees.

IS BGU Free?

No. Tuition-paid does not mean BGU is free. It only means that you will not pay for tuition. You still pay for room, board, and fees. The cost breakdown is:

Room & Board: $8,760

Standard Fees: $1950

Total Cost After Tuition Paid: $10,620



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