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Higher Education News

Why choose a Christian college? The impact of college choice

Never before has college choice wielded more power to forever mold, shape and impact the trajectory of a young person’s

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Financial management tips for returning to college

The ever-rising price tag of college education has been in the news for years, with the average cost hovering just

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Higher Education Resources

Christian colleges give students the opportunity to earn a higher education in a faith-based environment. Sometimes the process of choosing

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Returning to school? These things might help you succeed

The face of the average college student is changing, with more working adults heading back to school to complete degrees

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4 things to consider when deliberating going back to college

Returning to school later in life is a decision that requires careful thinking. As an adult, you must consider many

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The SAT: What students and parents need to know to prepare

The SAT — widely considered to be one of the most important exams a student will take in his or

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