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Central Christian College of the BibleCentral Christian College of the Bible exists to develop servant-leaders for the church – whether that’s in vocational ministry or through the marketplace!




Central Christian College of the Bible exists to develop servant-leaders for the church – no matter what they feel called to do! With vocational ministry programs and  professional programs (offered in cooperation with Indiana Wesleyan University and Moberly Area Community College) we can train every servant-leader to answer the Lord’s call on their lives! And with a tuition cost of $275 per credit hour, our students can get a quality, accredited degree at a fraction of the cost of most universities. 

Additionally, our students enjoy a 3 and ½ day schedule, with classes happening Tuesday morning through Friday at noon! This way, all Central students can have the flexibility to serve in a local ministry, maintain steady employment, visit friends and family, or stay on top of schoolwork – all while being able to observe the Lord’s command to rest at least one day a week. And for 2021, all new residential students will be placed in a single room, with roommates being optional!

 So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a visit or apply today! Learn more about our online options, or what it might look like to dual-enroll to earn college credit in high school. Looking for graduate degree programs? Consider our one-of-a-kind Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership! Don’t need a degree but want some formal ministry training? Consider one of our certificates! Whatever way you are looking to learn, come see how Central can help you lift your torch and light your path!

Mission: Central Christian College of the Bible exists to develop servant-leaders for the church.

Vision: Dedicated disciples who know God’s word and serve His kingdom

College Values
1. Heritage of Biblical Authority
We continue the legacy of New Testament Christianity within the Restoration Movement and CCCB.

2. Discipleship in Community
We forge personal transformation through spiritual mentorship in a mutually supportive environment.

3. Prayerful Ministry
We ask God’s blessing upon every opportunity for leadership and service in the church and in the world.

4. Inspired Achievement
We challenge students to accomplish life-changing outcomes by reaching their potential and leading others.

5. Kingdom Collaboration
We work with other organizations to benefit enrollment, local church success, and kingdom growth.

6. Personalized Attention
We treat each constituent in ways appropriate to their needs, abilities, and plans.

7. Affordable Opportunities
We offer access to excellent and relevant academic programs and personal development experiences.

We are affiliated with the Restoration movement and the resulting Christian Churches. These are non-denominational independent churches governed by the congregation that value a return to the church as written about in the New Testament. Because of this background, we hold a deep value in the authority of the inspired word of God and its authoritative voice in our lives today.

• We plead for the unity of all followers of Christ.

• We wear no name but the one in the Bible for the followers of Christ – Christian (Acts 11:26).

• We accept no creed but belief in Christ (Matt 16:16).

• We adopt no rule of faith and practice but the Bible (2 Tim 3:16- 17).

• We practice only the ordinances commanded by Christ. One of these is the Christian baptism, which is universally recognized by all followers of Christ, the immersion of the penitent believer. The other is the weekly observance of the Lord’s Supper as a simple memorial of our Lord’s death for our salvation (1 Cor 11:23-30).

• “Where the scriptures speak, we speak; where the scriptures are silent, we are silent.”

• “In essentials, unity; in nonessentials, liberty; in all things, love.”


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