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Central Christian College of the BibleCentral Christian College of the Bible exists to develop servant-leaders for the church – whether that’s in vocational ministry or through the marketplace!




CCCB MInistry Degrees

Bible and Ministry (Certificate)

Biblical Knowledge (Certificate)

Biblical Ministry (Bachelor's)

Biblical Studies (Associate)

Children's Ministry (Certificate)

Christian Counseling (Bachelor's)

Christian Education (Bachelor's)

Christian Leadership (Bachelor's)

Christian Ministries (Associate, Bachelor's)

Cross Cultural Ministry (Bachelor's)

Religious Studies (Bachelor's)

Religious Studies (Bachelor's)

Youth and Family Ministry (Bachelor's)

MAML, Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership (Master's)

CCCB Marketplace Partnership Degrees

Accounting (Bachelor's)

Advanced Manufacturing Technology (Certificate)

Behavioral Health Support (Associate)

Biology (Associate)

Business Administration (Bachelor's)

Business Administration - Accounting (Associate, Certificate)

Business Administration - Business Management (Associate)

Business Administration - Human Resource Management (Bachelor's)

Business Office Administration (Associate)

Communication (Bachelor's)

Community Health Worker (Certificate)

Criminal Justice (Bachelor's)

Cybersecurity - Cyber Analyst (Bachelor's)

Early Childhood Education (Bachelor's)

Fine Arts (Associate)

Health Science - General (Associate)

Health Science - Pre-ADN (Associate)

Health Science - Pre-Behavioral Health Support (Associate)

Health Science - Pre-MLT (Associate)

Health Science - Pre-OTA (Associate)

Health Science - Pre-Surgical Technology (Associate)

Health Science - Pre-Veterinary Technology (Associate)

Healthcare Administration (Bachelor's)

Human Services (Bachelor's)

Information Technology (Bachelor's)

Integrative Studies (Bachelor's)

Management (Bachelor's)

Marketing (Bachelor's)

Medical Laboratory Technician - MLT (Associate)

Nursing - ADN (Associate)

Occupational Therapy Assistant - OTA (Associate)

Organizational Leadership (Bachelor's)

Practical Nursing - PN (Associate)

Psychology of Human Relations (Bachelor's)

STEM (Associate)

Teacher Preparation (Certificate)


Degree plans are subject to change..

CCCB Marketplace Partnership Degrees are completed with partner schools along with

CCCB. A dual degree option is available to complete both a ministry degree and a

marketplace degree at the same time in 4 years.

For the most current info see:

Central Christian College of the Bible in Moberly, MO exists to develop servant-leaders for the church – no matter what they feel called to do!  With either vocational ministry & professional programs (offered in cooperation with Indiana Wesleyan University & Moberly Area Community College.)  We train servant-leaders to answer the Lord’s call on their lives!  With a tuition cost of $375 per credit hour, our students can get a quality, accredited degree at a fraction of the cost of most universities.

At CCCB we are the college home for students that tend to live in what we call the SEAL approach.  Students here serve, (growth) Experiences, Academics, & Leadership.  That is they Serve in their church or community, they participate in experiences that stretch them, Students that engage well in their Academics &  Students that are willing to Leading others well.  We do all of this built on a biblically minded approach.  No matter whether your intentions are to serve in a Full- time vocation ministry role or you plan to serve in a vocational career out in the marketplace, Central may be the right place for you.

While attending Central we work alongside you to answer your big question “What is my Authentic Purpose?”  What are you waiting for?  Schedule a visit or Apply today!  Learn more about our online options, or what it might look like to dual-enroll (concurrent) to earn college credit while in high school.  Looking for graduate degree programs? Consider our one-of-a-kind Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership!  If you Don’t need a degree but want some formal ministry training? Consider one of our Ministry certificates!  No matter which way you are looking to learn, come see how CCCB can help you discover, define, & develop your Authentic Purpose.



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