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Founded in 1854, Central Methodist University is a four-year, private, liberal arts university. CMU’s main campus, home to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS), is located in Fayette, Missouri, enrolling 1,100 students. CMU is affiliated with the United Methodist Church and welcomes students of all faiths.


Whether you’re an on-campus student, taking classes off campus, or studying online, our undergraduate programs are done the right way. You won’t be taught by graduate assistants. In many programs, you will have opportunities to engage in your own research much sooner than at other schools. Count on quality.

Count on being challenged. Count on a life-changing experience that will prepare you for a lifetime of success. Count on MORE from CMU.

Majors and Minors

Accounting – BA, minor

Allied Health – minor

Applied Behavior Analysis – BA, minor

Art – minor

Astronomy – courses

Biology – BA, BS, teaching certification, minor

Business – AS, BA, BS, minor

Chemistry – AS, BA, BS, teaching certification, minor

Child Development – BS, minor

CMU-Prefix Courses

Communication – BA, BS, minor

Computer Science – BA, BS, minor

Criminal Justice – BA, BS, minor, Applied law enforcement minor

Cybersecurity – BS, minor

Economics – minor

Education: minor

Early Childhood Education: BSE

Elementary Education: BSE

Middle School Education: BSE

Secondary Certification: BA, BS

Technology and Engineering: BSE

Educational Studies: BS

English – AA, BA, minor, digital storytelling minor, teaching certification

Entrepreneurship - courses

Environmental Science – BA, BS, minor

Exercise Science – BA, BS

Finance - courses

French – courses

Geology – courses

German – courses

Graphic Design - minor

Health Care Administration – BS

Health Sciences – BS, minor

History – BA, BS, BSE, minor

Honors Program – courses

Information Science - courses

Interdisciplinary Studies – AA, AS, BA, BS, minor

Management – BAS

Marine Biology – BA, BS, minor

Mathematics – AS, BA, BS, minor, teaching certification, BSE

Military Science and Leadership – minor

Music and Music Education – BA, BMus, minor, teaching certification

Music Ministry – BMus

Nursing -BS

Occupational Therapy Assistant – BS

Physical Education – BSE, minor, coaching minor

Physical Therapist Assistant – AAS

Physics – BA, BS, minor, teaching certification

Political Science – BA, BS, minor

Professional Writing and Publications – BA, minor

Psychology – AA, BA, BS, minor

Religion - minor

Philosophy – minor

Religion and Church Leadership – BA, BS, minor

Comparative Religion and Philosophy – BA, minor

Science and Earth Science – minor

Sociology – BA, BS, minor

Spanish - minor

Special Education: Mild–Moderate Disabilities – BSE

Sports Management – BS, minor

Theatre Arts – BS, BA, minor, teaching certification

For both domestic and international students: academic scholarships are offered to every accepted student and vary from $4,000 to $12,000 and are based on cumulative GPA and ACT/SAT scores or college GPA.

Gulstad Scholars Transfer Scholarship: The undergraduate Gulstad Scholars Transfer Scholarship honors excellence by supporting outstanding community college students to transfer to and complete their bachelor’s degrees at CMU in Fayette.

Go Away to College Close to Home: Central Methodist University Go Away to College Close to Home Program would offer a 50% tuition waiver to all non-cocurricular accepted Students who meet or exceed the 52.5 index score and are A+ eligible from a qualifying Missouri county. This scholarship may not be combined with any other CMU scholarship offer.

Virtual ‘Eagle Select’ Scholarship & Essay Competition: The Eagle Select scholarship competition is a twice annual event for students in their senior year of high school that meet the invitation requirements. Students must meet a minimum of a 26 ACT score and have a 3.5 cumulative GPA.

Academic Excellence Fellowship – Pre-Med Scholars: Students looking into medical school and careers in medicine may interview with faculty and compete for our Academic Excellence Fellowship.

Central’s Got Talent Scholarship Competition: December 11th. Central’s Got Talent is an annual event for students in their senior year. Two full-tuition scholarships will be awarded after competition. Vocal, instrumental, and praise band competitions take place in January, and acting and theatre design competitions take place in February. Note: Full-tuition scholarship winners are required to live on campus.

RootED Alliance: Several $10,000 rootED scholarships are available for graduating high school students and community college transfer students. rootED scholarship winners can double their money in a matching arrangement with CMU. Candidates must meet certain qualifications and must graduate from a qualifying high school or community college.

United Methodist Half-Tuition Scholarship: To qualify for the United Methodist Scholarship, a student must be an active United Methodist Church member in good standing with his or her local church for at least one year, which must be verified by the pastor.

Valedictorian Scholarship: The Valedictorian Scholarship recognizes Missouri resident graduating high school seniors that have achieved Valedictorian status and made significant marks on the ACT examination.

Participatory Scholarships: Participatory scholarships are available in athletic and non-athletic areas and are evaluated for each student individually on a yearly basis.

• Baseball

• Basketball – Men and Women

• Cross-Country – Men and Women

• Dance

• eSports – Men and Women

• Football

• Golf – Men and Women

• Soccer – Men and Women

• Softball

• Spirit Squad – Co-Ed

• Track and Field – Men and Women

• Volleyball

• Wrestling – Men and Women

• Instrumental Music

• Vocal Music

• Theatre

• Color Guard

• Civic Engagement

• Student Ministry

• Worship Band


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