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New Saint Andrews College

New Saint Andrews CollegeNew Saint Andrews College is committed to the lordship of Jesus Christ over all things. We provide a rigorous liberal arts education in the classical Christian tradition in the context of real Christian community. Our purpose is to graduate leaders in all walks of life who are eager to shape culture through wise and victorious Christian living. We are thoroughly Trinitarian, solidly Protestant and Reformed, and robustly evangelical.


A Liberal Arts Education
New Saint Andrews College is a Christian college teaching the liberal arts that have grown out of the classical and Christian traditions. This is the education of the free man, taught by free men, useful in our mission to lead all of creation to worship the triune God in spirit and in truth.

In the classical age, the liberal arts education began with a preparatory training organized around a curriculum such as the Trivium (grammar, logic/dialectic, and rhetoric). The education then moved on to advanced studies, as represented by curricula such as the Quadrivium (arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy).

The liberal arts are tools to teach critical thinking – the rigorous process of making distinctions, recognizing logical fallacies, and careful argumentation. They demand integration, the ability to move from part to whole and back again to part; to move back and forth between both breadth and depth. They require skillfulness with words, arguments, and stories – not merely the ability to communicate clearly, but the ability to be persuasive, humorous, offensive, and innocuous – to teach and delight with the word and to be taught and delighted by the same. The liberal arts combine the best of the contemplative life with the life of the active creator, emphasizing doing and making as much as thinking and receiving, as they cultivate truth, goodness, and beauty.

One-Year Cost Of Attendance (Undergrad-2015-2016)

Tuition $11,800
Room & Board $4,000
Books & Supplies $1,400
Total $16,900


Merit and Need based Funds
As funds permit, the College offers need-based and merit-based scholarships. To protect the religious integrity and freedom of our Christian institution, the College does not participate, on principle, with any government-sponsored financial aid programs. Instead, a private scholarship organization is available to provide assistance to needy and deserving students.

Please see the website for Scholarship information.

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