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Patrick Henry College equips students to think deeply, speak articulately, write persuasively, and follow Christ passionately—lifting high both faith and reason. Patrick Henry College is the only college in the nation dedicated to all three distinctives: High Academic Rigor, Fidelity to the Spirit of the American Founding, Unwavering Biblical Worldview.



Patrick Henry College offers academically excellent baccalaureate level education in six majors:

Classical Liberal Arts – Students study classics, history, literature, philosophy, and biblical studies; apprenticeships provide contextual learning in the development of practical skills from content area expertise.

Economics & Business Analytics – Students study economics, calculus and statistics, ethics, and business-related courses. A substantial co-operative component through an off-campus partner company will provide valuable experience and the application of economics principles and analytics to the study of a particular business, preparing students for the business world, graduate school, or public policy fields.

Environmental Science & Stewardship — The ESS major equips students to fulfill their divinely appointed role as stewards of the Creation who apply multi-disciplinary solutions to environmental problems. ESS students are prepared to become environmental scientists and may  choose from optional tracks in Law & Policy, Science Pedagogy, or Pre-Med.

Government – Students begin with required introductory courses and numerous specialized courses in four areas of emphasis (American Politics & Policy, International Politics & Policy, Political Theory, and Strategic Intelligence) all of which invite students to interact with historic and contemporary political thinkers, discipline classics, and primary sources. Students receive guidance from faculty in conducting research and writing projects and on-the-job, applied training from field specialists.

History – Students take advanced courses in American, European, and World history, as well as historical research and historiography. With an emphasis on graduate school preparation, they engage in specialized research under the guidance of history faculty.

Journalism – Tracks in Political Journalism and Liberal Arts provide students with extensive writing experience, developing professional competency in a variety of core journalistic tasks and exploring how the historical and Christian foundations of journalism shape contemporary practice.

Literature – Students engage in rigorous discussion and workshop criticism, interacting extensively with critical scholars as they study linguistics, theory, genre, and major historic and contemporary authors; students read and write literary criticism as well as their own creative and scholarly works under the supervision of published authors and critics.

Strategic Intelligence in National Security — Strategic Intelligence in National Security: Patrick Henry College’s Strategic Intelligence program seeks to integrate quality classroom education with practical experience, leadership opportunities, and a classical liberal arts perspective. The Strategic Intelligence in National Security Major equips students with a respect for the intelligence function and its role in defending a free society, and cultivates their ability to anticipate moral, ethical, and mission challenges in order to defend the security of the United States.

Internships – Patrick Henry College’s location, one hour northwest of Washington, D.C., presents ample internship and scholarship opportunities for students, who consistently are offered internships in the executive branch of government, U.S. Congress, an array of think tanks and non-profits, Washington Times, National Geographic, USA Today, NBC and Fox affiliates, Defense Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Geo-Spatial Intelligence Agency, National Archives, published authors, private K-12 classical schools, and many others.


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