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Seattle Bible College serves the greater metropolitan area from its south Everett location—working together with local churches, equipping servant-leaders to advance to their next level of world-wide influence. With a proven track record of nearly 60 years, SBC is engaging today’s generation with the Word and by the power of the Holy Spirit.



Certificate of Biblical Studies
This one-year program is designed to offer a solid foundation of Biblical, theological and applied ministry studies. It helps open the door of destiny for those students seeking to know God and His Word more intimately. The student is presented with focused opportunities to grow in understanding God’s Word, His ways and His power – in a supportive and Spirit-empowered academic setting.

Associate of Biblical Studies & Bachelor of Biblical Studies*
SBC’s two-year program provides students with saturation in Bible courses, rich studies in theology and significant emphasis in the field of practical theology/ministry leadership. Because of the combined emphases of Bible and theology, the two-year program provides the equivalent of a Biblical Studies Major.

*The Bachelor of Biblical Studies (BBS) degree is a transfer degree program that requires an approved associate’s degree or qualifying equivalent as a complement to SBC’s two-year program.

Bachelor of Practical Theology
The four-year degree program provides an extensive focus in Biblical studies with an emphasis on the functional use and practical application of those truths – Practical Theology.

Bachelor of Applied Ministry
This transfer degree program provides an opportunity for students with significant and verifiable prior experiential learning and/or acquired vocational skills to have some or all of that life learning experience recognized and applied toward the completion of a bachelor’s degree under the parameters of the Prior Learning policies and procedures.

Master of Renewal Servant-Leadership
The Cross-National Graduate School of Leadership program is a graduate studies division of Seattle Bible College. For those who have earned a qualifying bachelor’s degree, CGSL offers the Master of Renewal Servant- Leadership degree which can be earned in as little as 18 months. A Graduate Certificate is also offered. Classes are offered in convenient modular-intensive formats and are taught by experienced practitioners.

Students at SBC pay only a part of the actual costs for their education. Because of churches, individual contributors and the sacrificial service of our adjunct faculty members, tuition costs are kept very low. Quality training at an affordable cost continues to be a priority at Seattle Bible College.

Undergraduate Tuition
Subject to change. Contact SBC office for additional fees and CGSL costs.

Full-time Flat Rate: 1,550.00 (12-16 credits)
$150.00/quarter fees
Total Tuition and Quarterly Fees: $1,700.00 per quarter

For more information on tuition and scholarships please see the website.


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